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If you have issues in any of these areas:

Deployment and Infrastructure Management
Endpoint Security
Internet Restriction and Monitoring
E-mail and File Archiving
Classroom and Print Management

Benchmark really makes the difference!

Benchmark’s business consulting background is the fundamental core to the services offered and provided.

What this means in practice is that, while your concerns may be related to what are perceived as IT issues, they could stem from a different root cause. This is why Benchmark examines the perceived need in relation to your overall organisational need. The issue may need an IT-based resolution, but it is better first recognised for its relevance and importance to proper fulfilment of corporate needs.

While Benchmark does offer a range of software products, any of which may well be sufficient but, before suggesting one (or more) of them, we will always ensure that there is a proper understanding of your organisational need. There can be little worse than adopting a solution to one issue, only to find that it has then generated another one. It is better first to re-examine the fundamentals, then determine the best course of action. By taking this approach, the right direction can be determined and advised. The result may well be IT, Business Process or equally be a mixture of the two.

Benchmark can also offer professional services to cover your needs in Hardware rollout & migration, IT asset disposal and IT asset management.

Of course, our roots remain in place. This means that we are still very much open to providing straightforward business consulting services. If you feel there is a problem, and you “can’t see the wood for the trees”, call us in; we’ll be glad to help.

Business Consulting Examples of completed work

Areas where Benchmark can  help:
- Strategy
- Develop
- Redefine

- Definition
- Implementation

- Strategy
- Research
- Product Development
- Product Management
- Planning
- Implementation
- Branding/Creative
- PR External & Internal

- Strategy
- Tactics
- Planning
- Implementation
- Research
- Account Profiling

- Bespoke
- New Processes
- Sales
- General

Turnaround of failing subsidiary within 12 months; still growing at 18 months

Successfully set new profitable direction to reduce dependence on one key customer.

Established Canadian firm in Europe after 3 failed attempts without Benchmark help.

Account Profiling led to meetings between world leaders in software and air travel.

Profitably established Swedish software firm in UK after failed attempts via distribution

And many more.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Benchmark by clicking here


- CEOS and MDS
- Start-up
- Large firm seeking new avenues

Please click here for examples of our customers and examples of how Benchmark has helped

Benchmark really makes the difference!


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