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Specops Password Sync (SPS)

Specops Password Sync simplifies password management for users by allowing them to use one password with multiple systems. Specops Password Sync instantly synchronizes Active Directory passwords to other systems and ensures that passwords are changed regularly and that the same level of complexity is applied across all systems.


Key Features

Key benefits

  • Active Directory password changes are instantly and automatically synchronised to other systems for users who have been configured to use Specops Password Sync.
  • Out of the box synchronisation with:
    • Active Directory
    • LDAP
    • Kerberos
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Google Apps
    • Microsoft Online Services
  • Extendible framework which allows you to write your own sync providers if the included components are insufficient for your needs
  • Turns Windows and Active Directory into the central source of all passwords.
  • Extends the complexity of your Windows password policy to the synchronised systems
  • Removes the need for users to remember or note multiple passwords
  • Fast implementation time, and no need to invest in additional hardware or other infrastructure.
  • Extend Windows password security to all systems used by your organisation.
  • Increase password security by removing the need for users to write down passwords in order to remember them.
  • Makes users’ lives easier by only requiring them to manage a single password.
  • Password synchronisation happens immediately after a password is changed.

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