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Ipanema - Company Profile

Ipanema develops next-generation solutions for enabling large enterprises to have full control and optimisation of their global network; private cloud, public cloud or both.

The Ipanema System unifies performance across hybrid networks. It dynamically adapts to whatever is happening in the traffic and guarantees constant control of critical applications. It is the only system with a central management and reporting platform that scales to the levels required by Service Providers and large enterprises. With solutions used extensively by many of the world's largest telecom prviders and enterprises across business and public sectors, Ipanema controls and optimises over 100,000 sites among 1,000+ customers. Ipanema goes Beyond MPLS.

Ipanema enables any large enterprise to institute WAN Governance for aligning and automatically managing WAN performance according to business objectives. Ipanema solutions guarantee business application performace and continuity in a cloud computing world - any time, anywhere. Using Ipanema, enterprises:

  • Evolve to Cloud-Ready Network;
  • Guarantee user experience;
  • Accelerate busienss applications;
  • Unify hybrid networks;
  • Save on IT costs.

Ipanema enables Telcos and Managed Server Providers to market, sell and deliver Business-Awae, Application Centric VPN services to enterprise customers. With Ipanema's technology and simplified, finely-tuned, engagement model to quickly deploy value-added VPN services, service providers:

  • Serve enterprise customers' real-time buiness needs;
  • Capture more of enterprise customers' IT budgets;
  • Increase VPN profitability;
  • Refocus sales strategies away from MPLS commoditisation and margin erosion to higher value network services;
  • Change customer perceptions from costly vendor to true business partner for improving financial performance;
  • Reduce churn and win new customers


Enable Cloud-Ready Network
Prepare your VPN for the cloud. Migrate successfully to Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and any other private and public cloud application while postponing bandwidth upgrades by two to four years and reducing your network budget.

  • Guarantee User Experience
  • Adapt your network to changes in application traffic in real-time. Gain an
  • unprecedented ability to guarantee end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) with
  • critical business applications, regardless of traffic mix through the self-learning,
  • self-adapting and self-healing capabilities of ANS.
  • Accelerate Business Applications
  • Reduce dramatically the application response times for end users with ANS state
  • of the art WAN Optimization.
  • Unify Hybrid Networks
  • Turn hybrid [MPLS + Internet] networks into more flexible and cost-effective enterprise assets with ANS Dynamic WAN Selection technology.
  • Save on IT Costs
  • Reduce substantially IT and network costs while improving applications performance and continuity, user productivity and customer
  • satisfaction, enabling your enterprise to leverage its WAN for greater competitive advantage.


Beyond MPLS: ensure alignment of enterprises’ WAN performance with their business needs. Add value and create new revenue streams with application-centric VPN services.

With a maturing market for MPLS, service providers face price and margin erosion. Business aware network services represent a real business opportunity for service providers that would be able to build such services in a scalable and profitable manner. Leveraging years of experience partnering with leading domestic and global service providers worldwide, Ipanema offers the technology and a finely-tuned engagement model for telecom providers to quickly deploy differentiated Application-Centric VPN services.

Ipanema enables managed service providers to:

  • Deliver Application-Centric VPN services which provide a direct coupling between the enterprise business objectives and the delivered value;
  • Capture IT budgets by linking the service value to enterprises’ IT transformations like cloud computing, unified communication and desktop virtualization;
  • Increase VPN profitability by focusing sales strategies away from commoditized MPLS and improve margin through to higher value network services;
  • Reduce churn and acquire new customers by selling innovative and high value

If you would like to learn more about Ipanema product solutions, Contact Us

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