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CurrentWare Internet Management Suite

CurrentWare Internet Management Suite is a web monitoring and restriction tool tracking user browser activity and preventing inappropriate browsing. It is now available on an even more powerful and robust common console. The CurrentWare Internet Management Suite combines Internet filtering and monitoring policies of both BrowseControl and BrowseReporter which can efficiently be administered through this common interface.


Key Features

Key benefits

• Completely block or allow Internet access to individual or group PCs/users

• Terminal Server Compatibility: the suite supports a Terminal Server environment and enables administration of internet access or web monitoring of thin clients

• Track and report web browsing activity by user or computer basis with comprehensive reporting in both tabular and graphical formats

• Monitor your users’ computer activity by capturing screenshots of their computers

• Flexible control: limit access to your specified sites

•  The clients for BrowseControl and BrowseReporter have been combined offering improved deployment through Active Directory, 3rd party deployment tools or through remote installation from the Suite

• Prevent users from activating unauthorised software: games, chats and media players.

• Improve productivity and be aware of how long employees are browsing the internet

• Eliminate the manual task of generating reports which can be generated and emailed to you on a scheduled basis.


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