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If you have issues in any of these areas:

Deployment and Infrastructure Management
Endpoint Security
Internet Restriction and Monitoring
E-mail and File Archiving
Classroom and Print Management

Benchmark really makes the difference!

Customer list

Acuma Ltd.
Ambien Technology Ltd.
Bull Systems *
Business Objects *
Celsius Cooling
Chordiant Software *
CRC Group Plc.
Deans Engineering*
Dell *
Fastpass Corporation (Denmark)
G.A. Information Systems Limited
G-Tec Information Solutions Ltd
Greater Merseyside Enterprise*
Harness Software Ltd
Hewlett Packard *
Holley House Agencies
ICT Networks Ltd.
ISG Technologies Inc. (Canada)
K&K Print Finishing*
KMS Plc.
NEBS Business Stationery*
Pace Logistics*
Peoplesoft *
PleaseHold (UK) Ltd.
Pro Active Group
Prosolvia Systems AB. (Sweden)
Ramesys Plc.
Specops Software AB (Sweden)
Sun Microsystems*
Trinity Computer Services Ltd
Vicom Systems (USA)

* with partner


Problem / Solution anecdotes from IT customers:

Secondary school with 600 PCs had limited staff, yet needed to update Windows and make other changes. Specops Deploy was suggested for both the short-term and longer-term needs. Its adoption resulted in a successful, automated overnight action, and continuing success for all other deployment needs.

Naval design architects had recurring difficulties with both software and OS deployments using existing tools from obvious names. Benchmark recommended Specops Deploy; its simple and automated approach first proved itself on test, then brought the desired efficiencies to their live environment.

Major financial advice publisher’s IT audit uncovered serious security issues. Benchmark worked with them, using Specops Password Policy to effect a complete solution to every issue raised by the audit.

Large engineering group with multiple sites had excessive demand on Service Desks for password resets. Benchmark introduced Specops Password Reset, a pilot scheme was run, proved a success, and the product adopted throughout the group.

Healthcare charity was obliged to run multiple applications, meaning that users had great difficulty in remembering multiple passwords. A single sign-on solution was beyond their means, but Benchmark’s introduction of Specops Password Sync brought a cost-effective solution, with one password per user to cover all applications.

Hedge Fund recognised security issues, yet realised that adopting complex passwords could increase demand on the help desk for resets. Benchmark’s suggestion of combining Password Policy and Password Reset from Specops addressed both issues to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Benchmark really makes the difference!

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Benchmark really makes the difference!

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